Exporting a 3D Model in Metasequoia MQO format

Notice that Relievos does not generate any extra files to keep depth informations. Instead, it embeds a data chunk (APP7, marker is 0xe7) into the JPEG file itself.

Most of all image processing applications can handle it safely as a normal JPEG file.

Here is a tiny command-line MQO exporter written in Ruby:

usage: zco2mqo [-v] [--version] filename.jpg

There is no exporter for other 3D formats, so far.

Creating your own gallery

Since Relievos's output is just a JPEG file, it is quite easy to copy, upload and publish, with any services in the internet.

If you have a web site, you can use the URL scheme to help mobile visitors open your images in Relievos app:

<a href="relievos://your.server/filename.jpg">
  show image on Relievos app

or, show your entire gallery in Relievos's built-in browser:

<a href="relievos://your.server/">
  show my gallery on Relievos app

Embedding your 3D images with Adobe Flash player

Most of the visitors of your gallery may not have Relievos app, nor iPhone. So you can download and embed the Flash Viewer we are using in this site. It is free.


<embed src="/swf/ZcoViewer.swf" width="320" height="240" FlashVars="url=/share/baby.jpg&autoplay=0"></embed>